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Bed and Breakfasts

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Spend the night in Maastricht

For both business travellers and tourists there is a wide choice of accommodation in Maastricht for everyone. Maastricht offers many hotels, group accommodation and some great Bed and Breakfast!


Hotel stay in Maastricht

Maastricht offers about 50 hotels, ranging from luxury hotels with spa facilities, to affordable tourist hotels and most of them are located in the city centre and in the historical Delfshaven area. For more information and insider tips check out our page about hotels in Maastricht.


Spend the night in a B&B in Maastricht

Bed and Breakfast in Maastricht is a great alternative to hotels. The rooms are individually styled and you get the opportunity to meet locals. Most Bed and Breakfast in Maastricht have a high standard of facilities including Wifi, a private bathroom, television and sometimes a breakfast buffet.


Group accommodation in Maastricht

When you visit Maastricht with a couple of friends or colleagues you could book several hotel rooms, but a group accommodation in Maastricht is a great alternative. At some hotel ships located in Maastricht city centre can host groups up to 30 persons. Smaller groups can also book a room at several hostels in the nightlife areas of Maastricht.